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Seyhan Hussein
2018-06-25, 15:08
‘Sammy’ asked for some help with a nice Trans Am

“Having spent years here in the UK after a rare manual Pontiac Firebird, to no success I decided to import as it seemed to be the best option.
Hugely daunting and scary to someone who has never done this. Getting the car on a boat is one thing- but how do I know what I’m buying from thousands of miles away? How do I know if it’s worth the asking price? The pictures look great, but they would, wouldn’t they?
This is where Colin Ledsom (or Colin Legend as I like to call him) comes into play... Colin is a very knowledgeable person who drives out, checks the car & title, drives and tests the car, advises of any imperfections or mechanical issues with an honest inspection, takes care of payment & paperwork, puts it on a trailer and gets it on the next available boat out of Miami. SIMPLE!
Colin was recommended to me by fellow American car enthusiasts and made the whole experience comfortable. Sending thousands of pounds across the pond is scary for anyone, but I was in safe hands. Fantastic advice on transfer rates, fantastic advice on the car itself and responds on the button to every call (bear in mind the time zone difference as I may have forgot once or twice he he) you know you are safe.
I can whole heartedly recommend Colin to anybody importing a car. An honest and fair man who says what he does and does what he says. Rare in this day and age.
I couldn’t be happier with the level of service. Look no further.”

Dartford, UK.
Nathan Shaw
2018-06-25, 15:07
Nathan asked us to source and ship a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor…

“Great service - I wouldn't hesitate to use Colins Auto Exports again and regularly recommend their services.
I recently asked CAE to help with the purchase and importation of a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.
I have personally purchased and imported a US vehicle in the past, but with the plethora of CVPIs available in various conditions I decided I didn’t want the risk of buying blind or the hassle of organising everything.
I contacted CAE via Facebook and asked if they would be able to help. Colin was more than helpful, we discussed what I wanted and in no time at all he had found a couple of possibilities. In the end I agreed to go for a 2011 CVPI and we started the process. The vehicle was inspected by his US contact and based on that I agreed the purchase.
The import process was a doddle, with CAE and their partners handling everything up to the point the car cleared customs.
After the car arrived in the UK I totted up the final cost and I was surprised to find it came in under the initial estimate we discussed – Bonus!
If you are thinking of buying and importing a vehicle from the US, don’t hesitate to give Colins Auto Exports a ring.”

Dorset, England UK.
Neil Atkinson
2018-06-25, 15:06
Neil asked us to source a very clean immaculate Camaro

“It has always been my dream to import a classic American vehicle, I was recommended to use Colin by a friend in a classic car club. Colin managed to find me an absolutely mint 1967 Camaro. I personally found using Colin was stress free as he handled all the shipping,collection of vehicle at both ends,MOT and registering and delivery to door, all to the exact price quoted. Colin is a man of his word as you only get to see the car in photographs and videos until it actually arrives in the UK and I was very satisfied as it was exactly as it was described by Colin. I have already recommended Colin services to others in England and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again in the future.”

North East England. UK