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colins auto export ford mustangThis section of the journey is probably the key to our expansion and success. The many, many horror stories of vehicles ‘purchased blind’ have made this one of the most appealing aspects of our business.

We will go to the vehicle and inspect, just as if we were buying a car for ourselves or our family, using our years of experience and knowledge. We need to ensure that there are no nasty surprises for our client when the vehicle arrives. Again, communication is the key here, and any issues we can report straight back, or indeed just walk away. In some cases, it maybe that in conjunction with the buyer, and vendor, we cannot get to site to inspect, but always we discuss that first. 

We have agents in a few different states, and our network of trusted third parties are growing. We cannot cover every state, but we do have most ‘popular’ ones covered!

We want to ensure that the vehicle is as the client imagined, based on our information and the expectations that were set, whether a project or a show condition vehicle.

For some vehicles it requires research work, maybe a specific limited edition that we need to qualify, this is typically all done before we go to the vehicle.

If everything at this point is good, then we agree and confirm the purchase of your vehicle.

This service is typically used when Colins Auto Export sources the vehicle, but is an option, if you have found your own.


colins auto export chevroletWe offer full internal transportation services utilizing our own vehicles, and also fully licensed and insured local companies. Collection of vehicles and the way they are looked after is important, so we do take steps to insure the credibility and capability of any company that we use. We have found that the smaller, local independent ones offer more reliable and effective service. This we prefer too, as we are like to support small businesses in our local community. We can collect a vehicle from anywhere in the mainland USA, to transport to our facility, or to port. Prices vary depending on the drivability and condition of the vehicle.

Service & Customisation

One new are for Colins Auto Export this year is the ability to offer service and customization work.

Many clients have asked for us to replace brake pads or do an oil/ engine service as parts are typically cheaper and easier to purchase here in the USA. So, we now have on board a skilled mechanic who works on classic vehicles. Recent work includes fixing old window switches, converting old drum brakes to disc, adding performance exhausts, carburetors, and much more.

Aftermarket wheels, carpet sets, decals all these can be ordered and fitted. We can even ship your spares inside your car!


colins auto export pontiacThe shipping process is the most difficult part of the journey in terms of control.

Which port to ship from, which arrival port, Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO), containerized there are many options.

In order to offer an efficient service Colins Auto Export have teamed up with a shipping partner that takes away all the headache typically involved when people try and import a vehicle. Paperwork, forms, and more forms and bureaucracy!

All the documentation is done for you, even once landed, we prepare the Nova certification on your behalf.

We ship our vast majority from the East Coast of Florida, Everglades Port, into London Gateway, UK.

We can ship from other ports, and into other ports no problem, and if you have a reference, we are happy to discuss that with you.

Once we have your vehicle, it is taken to be secured into the container, then customs cleared, before it is loaded onto the ship.

Once the vehicle is on the ship, everything is tracked, so you can see where your vehicle is at ay time. Upon arrival, and after customs clearance, your vehicle is ready for collection.

Of course there are options for you to have us deliver it to you.

Turn-Key Delivery

Many people have a fear of a fresh import as they do not know the procedure to register the vehicle for use on the road. There are many ‘experts’ on various social media groups and forums that offer correct advice, and there are some that offer the wrong advice. So peoples fear is natural.

Colins Auto Export last year introduced their complete ‘Turn-Key’ solution, for people who purchase a vehicle of ‘roadworthy’ condition.

We deliver to your door, the vehicle registered and ready to drive. Working with UK partners we take the vehicle from the port and do any homologation work that is needed.

Currently laws are changing in the UK and we keep abreast of those, and alter the service accordingly.

So with this service Colins Auto Export is a genuine, complete One Stop Shop!