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  • Seller only can advertise the vehicle – no ‘selling for a friend or family member’
  • Vehicle must be UK registered in sellers name
  • Private sellers only
  • Images must not be more than two weeks older than posting date
  • Images should be in daylight, or in a proper lit room/ building.
  • Images should be clear and in-focus.
  • Minimum of 10 images and include shots of:
  • FrontDriver side from front
  • Driver side from rear
  • Passenger side from front
  • Passenger side from rear
  • Rear
  • Dash area
  • Seats
  • Engine Bay and Engine
  • Boot/Trunk
  • Walk around/ and inside video is requested too, with vehicle running
  • Admin to be informed as soon as vehicle is sold be email
  • Price is for a 2 week advertisement insert. An automatic renewal fee will be charged untill you cancel or inform the vehicle is sold by email.

Mandatory Information Required:

  • Vehicle type: Car, Truck, Motorcycle Other..
  • Manufacture
  • Model
  • Trim Level
  • Body Style
  • Engine Size
  • Transmission Type
  • Fuel Type
  • MOT expiry date
  • No. of previous UK owners
  • Sellers Full name, full address, tel number and email address

Good description of the vehicle, detailing the overall condition, and any current known issues. Include condition of the underneath, chassis, floor pans. Also the paint condition, all the questions you would ask, if you were looking to buy!